Practice Test
About the Practice Test

The DOT Medical Exam – Practice Test is now 100 multiple-choice questions. These are written to help assess a medical examiner’s readiness to take the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME) certification test, to guide the practitioner on what type of material may appear on the test, and the act as a general study guide. This practice test has helped hundreds of doctors and providers study for the NRCME test.

Questions and answers are expanded from the FMCSA literature on the DOT Medical Exam including: the Medical Examiner’s Handbook, the Advisory Criteria, FAQ, 49 CFR 391, and general healthcare knowledge.

All 8 required core curricula are including in these questions:

This practice test does NOT cover every possible question you may see on the actual test. Nonetheless, these questions are drawn from the same material as the test – in literal and clinical interpretation. The purpose of this practice test is to help medical examiners prepare. These are NOT the exact questions from the actual test. I have personally found them to be similar to the test material.

This practice test is in no way endorsed by the DOT, FMCSA, NRCME, or NWHSU. It is in simple loose leaf format.

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